Facial Plastic Surgery Coastal Carolina ENTFacial Plastic Surgery
We are board certified in facial plastic surgery and we perform multiple cosmetic surgeries to suit your needs.
  • Rhinoplasty-a procedure to aesthetically shape the nose for a more pleasing profile.
  • Blepharoplasty-excess skin sagging around the eyes can impede vision and give the impression of a “tired look”.  Removal of the excess skin and fat can help solve this problem.
  • Face lifts-As we grow older our skin loses its elasticity giving rise to wrinkling and sagging skin.  Surgery can help eliminate wrinkles and give a more youthful look.
  • Removal of skin lesions-we remove unsightly benign and malignant skin lesions with the use of laser and excision with minimal scarring.
  • Cosmetic skin care-our licensed Registered Nurse Annette Powell provide cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Restalyne, and chemical peels to help restore a youthful look.  Please see our Rx Skin Care link for further information.