Therapy includes the use of custom nasal steroid and nasal antihistamine use.  If further allergy therapy is needed we offer allergy testing by blood and sublingual therapy with the use of drops given at home.

  • RAST Testing-blood is drawn in the office and sent to our lab with results in one week.  Our patients do not receive multiple painful skin prick testing.
Sublingual Therapy -if your allergies are severe enough we offer under-the-tongue drops which are taken at home. These drops are safe and effective therapy in treating allergies.  They are excellent for children as they can avoid painful shots given at the doctor’s office and they are convenient for those with busy lifestylesClick here to learn more



Sinusitis affects more than 35 million people per year.  We offer state of the art therapy including tailored medical therapy and surgical care for each patient.


Medical Therapy- Culture directed antibiotic therapy combined with antihistamines, nasal steroids, and nasal rinses to open the sinuses naturally.  


Surgical Therapy-We offer the latest technology to open the sinuses precisely for relief.


Image-Guided Surgery-CT scan technology allows us to perform a minimally invasive procedure with the use of your CT scan to map surgery.  You’ll experience a fast recovery with less pain.  


Balloon Sinuplasty

 Safely open the sinuses with the use of balloons with less bleeding, minimal packing, and faster recovery time.  


Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction-straighten the midline of the nose and shrink tissue for improved breathing and sinus drainage.