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Hoarseness is a very common symptom.  Our evaluation begins with a comprehensive history and physical with a complete examination with flexible laryngoscopy to fully visualize the vocal cords.  We perform a variety of tests in order for us to diagnose and treat disorders such as vocal nodules, vocal masses, reflux laryngitis, and vocal cord paralysis.  If speech therapy is indicated we work synchronously with the these therapists in the community and hospitals.  If further evaluation is warranted we specialize in these surgical areas.

  • Microdirect laryngoscopy – A procedure whereby lesions are removed precisely and quickly with the use of the laser or instruments with the aid of a high powered microsope.
  • Vocal fold augmentaion – We perform a variety of procedures to restore the voice in cases of vocal cord paralysis. 
    • Vocal cord injections provide a temporary relief in patients who have a temporary vocal cord paralysis. An implant is a quick and painless procedure whereby a variety of substances are injected into the vocal cord to help the voice.
    • Thyroplasty is a specialized procedure that places an implant in the voice box to help vocal quality in patients who have a permanent paralysis.