Skin Cancer Treatment Coastal Carolina ENTSkin cancer

We are board certified in facial plastic surgery and offer cosmetic solutions to skin cancer such as basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer and melanoma. We use the latest techniques in skin cancer removal for a aesthetic looking result.  


Direct Skin Cancer Excision

In-Office procedure involves gently numbing the area with injection then removing the skin cancer.  The skin is brought together in a plastic repair fashion using sutures.  The area removed is sent to the pathologist.  The sutures are then generally removed in 5-10 days in the office along with a discussion of your results.


Skin Flaps

If the area removed is too big to be directly closed or if brought together would look distorted (such as the nose) a piece of tissue next to the excised area will be brought over to aesthetically cover the wound.  Sutures are used and again removed in 5-10 days with a discussion of your pathology results.  


Skin Grafts

Like skin flaps, if an area is too big or distortion is an issue we will use skin from another area such as the ear to cover the excised site.  A bolster dressing is left in place for about 1 week.  


Medical Therapy

Certain skin cancer precursors respond very well to topical creams.  If amenable to this treatment a prescription will be written with detailed instructions and monitoring of your results.